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Bold and full of empowerment!

This new wrap is meant to bring upon the inner Viking in anyone who wears it! 


Vikings wore braids and would weave intricate patterns throughout their clothes for intimidation in battle, but they were a huge spiritual impact on their life. They are believed to have been the connection between heaven, hell, and earth. And having one of these weaves or "knots" would allow them acces to their sacred afterlife, " Valhalla"


These are a symbol of great power and pride! Whoever wears these wraps will feel the power and the interconnection that these sacred weaves release.

Viking Weave

  • Currently we do not offer refunds or exchanges. If you have any questions or any issues, please don't hesitate to fill out the contact form under the "contact page of my site"

  • -Avoid gettin wet (Swimming, Shower, etc.)

    -Remove before going to bed to ensure wraps lifespan and for your safety 

    -Store in a safe place

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