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Rae's Readings 6/12 - Clear Quartz

If you're familiar with crystals, then you've probably heard of clear quartz. It's a very popular stone because it's often used along with other crystals because it amplifies energy! Clear quartz is FULL of energy and energy restoring properties!

One of Clear Quartz's benefits is enhancing mental clarity. It can help with emotional stability, and it is very popular in meditation and restorative work! It's also used for manifestation and can help create more focus and clarity around your desires.

Clear Quartz is known as a protective stone and can be used to amplify your psychic abilities. It helps to see the truth in a situation, as well as understanding ourselves and seeing the situation from a new perspective.

It is very important that you always charge your crystals, especially Clear Quartz. It helps to maintain their benefits and properties. I find, the best and most effective way to charge my crystals and stones is to sit them on a windowsill during a full moon. Moonlight helps to restore energy back into your stones.

If you haven't yet dipped your toes into crystals and stones, Clear Quartz is a great starter piece! It has SO many benefits and its healing properties can be used in a variety of different ways! You can have a necklace to carry with you, or you can place it somewhere to amplify the surroundings energy ( like in a beauty cabinet or even in your office space) There are so many ways to take advantage of Clear Quartz's healing and restorative properties!

If you have any, I'd love to see your Clear Quartz pieces down below!!

Happy Reading

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